In October of 2020, we were approached by Katie, owner of crafted by KS. Crafted by KS makes personalised jewellery, key-rings, and accessories. After finding success through social media, she knew it was time to expand her business into the world of e-commerce.

The Process

We first started by asking Katie why she wanted to create her own website to determine whether this was the right option for her. Sales were fantastic on social media and one of her main reasons for wanting a website was so that Crafted by KS could start having automatic orders, making her business more streamlined.

She already had an established brand, which she explained and showed to us. We then went through some other websites that she had liked the look of and what kind of feel she would want on her own. After numerous Whatsapp messages and image sharing, we were eager to get this project off the ground so that she could start generating some income.

Katie wanted a system where people could attach their images and text to the order. It is then engraved onto their purchase. We were able to implement it into her website.

One of the main conversations which we spoke about was the website’s colour scheme. We went through pink after pink until we found the perfect one – which Katie loved.

We built the site around Katie’s vision of having a website to life, it was ready for launch date.

Crafted by KS have a strong social media following. Katie was able to get a great response for the upcoming launch of her website. This saw some amazing organic traffic to her site on launch weekend. Katie was over the moon with how we had built the website and the overall visual journey.

The Support

We didn’t want to just build this site for Crafted by KS and then leave it all to Katie to manage, so we trained her on everything she could possibly need, from managing the stock to adding new products and coupon codes. As a team, we sent her support videos and talked her through every step of the way. We are so happy with how Katie and the CRafted by KS website have performed since we launched and we love working with them.

Since starting to work together, we have now produced website visuals for crafted by KS and social media posts and are always at the other end of the phone for katie should she need any more help with her website.

The Success

Since choosing Wobble to build her store her sales have dramatically increased and her month-to-month sales and performance are only getting stronger, we’re so pleased we could help this business get to the next level.

The future of Crafted by KS looks great. We are sure to see some fantastic ideas from Katie.

Head over to their instagram here to see how amazing her products are.

Want to see the site in action? Click here to go to Crafted by KS.