So you have an amazing idea for your next marketing campaign and you need some out of this world graphics and imagery to go with it. But, where do you even start with something like that? In this short but sweet article, we list the things that you should be thinking about when briefing your next project to a graphic designer.

Colour, type styles and shapes should all be thought about.

So, what does a design brief include?

If you’re stuck for things to be writing down, don’t panic. The one thing to bear in mind is that the briefing doesn’t have to be set in stone. Have fun with what you’re trying to create and don’t get too caught up in your ideas.

Try and answer these questions and you will know how to write an awesome design brief:

Who is your target audience? 

Who is the design/marketing campaign/advertisements for? You need to think about who your ideal customer is. What they like and dislike, where they shop, where they spend their time mostly. All of this will help toward creating a stronger design/campaign.

How big is the project?

Is it just a change in website banners, or is it a full-blown marketing campaign? you should be as upfront about the scale of the project to your designer so that they can quote you and allocate time to your project. Being honest and upfront about it in the first place will also stop any nasty extra charges to works done outside of quotation.

What message do you want to get across?

Do you want to raise awareness for your new line of products? or do you want to reconnect with old customers. Think carefully about what message you want to get across to your ideal target audience. This will help with a more well-rounded campaign and some amazing design work.

When is the deadline?

Try and be as clear as possible when answering this question. By giving a timeframe that is not only achievable but clear is the difference between a rushed project and a project that has been thought out and planned correctly.

What is the problem you are trying to solve?

A graphic designer is someone who makes an answer to a problem look good. Think about what problem you have within your business that you need solving. This could be a drop in online sales to a slow-burning social media presence. 

What design ideas have you seen that you like?

As we graphic designers are very visual people, we love nothing more than seeing other designers works that have caught your attention. It gives us a chance to look at some really good work from our peers and give us a great insight into what it is you’re after.

Who is your competition?

Everybody haw competition, and it is really important to know who yours is. Have a look at what they do and see how you can be better. Your graphic designer and marketing people should be looking into this too so don’t be afraid to talk through it with them.

Is there any other relevant information?

Do you know what material you need i.e posters, flyers, web banner etc? Or you have a certain file size that your artwork should be in. Get a list over to your designer so they have a greater understanding of what is required for deadline day.

Still not sure how to write an awesome design brief?

Here is a great little site we found some templates that may come in handy for you. 

Still not sure how to write an awesome design brief? No problem. Get in touch with us today here. We can sit down with you, or zoom, and guide you to writing a fantastic brief.